75 Years of Independence! 🇮🇳

Today, The 15th of August marks the 75th Independence day of India.Happy Independence to all proud Indians (it would have been happier if it was a weekday holiday!) But the feeling of pride doesn’t get any less. No matter how much we criticize the system, the society, or the government. But when we sing the […]

Life is more than you think….🌸

Life is much more than I think.Life will be more than I think.Honey, I know that,I believe in that.And that keeps me going.Because for me that “much more” signifies onlypositivity and good vibes.Even though it might not be like that every time,But we don’t know what will happen anyway.So think good, feel good, and treat […]

Communication…. Is that enough?

Sometimes I wonder if it is the words that hurt the most or the person saying it? I know for a matter of fact that communication is something that builds all relationships, whether it’s with your parents, grandparents, relatives, siblings, colleagues or friends. How you present your thoughts is what defines them. But is communication […]

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award #2

Hey guys! I’m super late for this one, but I’m glad to finally post it. So I have been nominated for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award for the second time. I mean how cool is that? I would like to thank my fellow blogger and an amazing writer Manoj for nominating me and finding my […]

The Lockdown Tag!

Hey guys! I have been nominated for the lockdown tag by Manoj Mehra. I want to thank Manoj for nominating me. He is an amazing writer and you will find some very interesting and intense articles on his blog. So do check out his blog!! Rules for Award Thank the person who nominated you. Answer […]

Kennedy Award of Excellence Nomination!!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is safe and happy. I am extremely excited and happy to announce that I have been nominated for the Kennedy Award of Excellence by the very amazing Poetry maniac . This award is extremely special as I was nominated for it on my Birthday ( Check out my Special birthday […]

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award!!!!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well and taking good care of themselves. I am extremely happy to announce that I have been nominated for the Ideal inspiration blogger award by Rising star. I am extremely thankful to Rising star for this nomination. His blogs are an amazing source of inspiration and positivity! Ideal Inspiration […]

Happy Janmashtmi😊

Hello WordPress Fam! I Hope you’re doing well. A very Happy Janmashtmi to you all!! For those of you don’t know, Janmashtmi is an Indian festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna – Lord Vishnu’s eight Avatar. As Krishna is born at midnight, The prayers or puja is performed at mid night. Lord Krishna […]