Special Birthday Post!❤️

Hey guys!! I hope you all are doing great (or at least trying to!) amidst all that is going around in the world. So as you have read from the title, today is my Birthday💓💓!!. Yayyyyyy!! 🎉🎉I officially turned 19 on 19th June💙💙( I have been waiting to say this since like forever!). So on this special day I would like to share a poem that is extremely close to my heart, because it reminds me of my power and the importance of mental health. I hope it brightens up your day and you takeaway a positive thought from it. Happy reading ! 😊

Image credits : Pixabay


My mirror is my sky, It uplifts me to fly. My soul is like the wind, It flows to remove the clutter, To gift me the clarity of my mind.

My dreams are like the rainbow, They bring the colors of hope in my life. Positivity and negativity are like the sun and the moon, They complement each other to brighten the purity of my heart.

The blues of the sky, remind me of who I am, They enlighten me to believe in all that I can. My feelings are like the clouds, They seem to be calm and composed, Yet they fight their own battle of self doubt.

My mirror is a beautiful reflection of my sky, It is a joyful story of my journey that only I can complete, Because now I know that sky is the limit!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do let me know what you felt after reading this in the comments! For more such beautiful content don’t forget to follow my blog!😉

Stay safe.Stay home.

Love Love

32 thoughts on “Special Birthday Post!❤️

  1. Let all your dreams materialise
    Let your self belief soar high
    You can do it you do realise
    Let this year bring (you) lots of joy 😁
    Happy birthday Aditi ❤️

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  2. Happy Cake Day to you Aditi!!!😊☺😀 I wish you good health and all the best in life. The sky is your limit.😀😊☺

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